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Modal shakers

Integrated amplifier and signal generator. Easy to use.

Own Design & Production

All designs of shakers have been made internally and all production is done by locally.

Integrated Electronics

20N and 100N modal shakers have integrated amplifier and signal generator.

High Quality

Our company pays great attention to the quality. Dynalabs has CE certificate for all the shakers.

All-in-one Shaker

For 20N and 100N shakers, we have made the amplifiers in such a way that we can place them inside the shaker body.
With the help of integrated amplifiers. Thanks to the integrated electronics, the shakers can make an excitation at the specified frequency without the need for an external signal generator and the magnitude of this excitation can be adjusted by means of the gain knob on the shaker.

Modal Analysis and Modal Shakers

Experimental Modal Analysis is a technique used to determine the dynamic properties of a structure. These properties cover fundamental parameters such as natural frequencies, mode shapes, damping ratios and modal masses. By accurately characterizing these dynamic parameters, engineers can gain a clear understanding of how a structure responds to various excitations or loads, including those encountered in real-life applications.

The Role of Modal Shakers in EMA

Modal Shakers play a very important role in the Experimental Modal Analysis process. These specialized devices are designed to provide controlled and precise excitation to structures. By exciting the structure at specific frequencies, engineers can efficiently measure responses and obtain valuable data.

Inertial Shakers

Inertial shaker is a type of modal shaker. Like modal shakers, they are used in modal tests and provide excitation to the device under test.

But inertial shakers are not attached to the structure via a stinger instead, they are used by attaching directly to the test object. So, it is easier to apply and does not change the vibration response of the structure except for a small weight added to the structure.


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